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The topic is "remodeling a kitchen" and the controlling idea is "requires research and a good eye." The play’s foolish character banter kept the audience laughing for two and a half hours. The transport of goods is their next most important occupation. The football players had a sense of camaraderie which made them an unbeatable team. The corresponding figures for 1880 were as follows: passengers carried, 9,34 6, 00 0; goods carried, 11,225,000 tons; traffic receipts, £4,300,000. - The demand of the present day is for engines of larger power both for passenger and goods service, and the problem is to design such engines within the limitations fixed by the 4 ft. The passengers carried in 1907 numbered 107,171,000, the goods traffic was 61,483,000 tons; the traffic receipts for the year were £16,420,000. 4. Air goods, such as cushions, beds, gas bags, and so forth, are made of textile fabrics which have been coated with mixed rubber either by the spreading process above described, or by means of heated rollers, the curing being then effected by steam heat. Its principal imports are cotton and woollen goods, yarn, metals, sugar, coffee, tea, spices, cashmere shawls, &c., and its principal exports opium, wool, carpets, horses, grain, dyes and gums, tobacco, rosewater, &c. The importance of Bushire has much increased since about 1862. Examples of The Goods in a sentence. "Good" Good night. The local industries include the manufacture of rubber goods, brewing, quarrying and iron-founding. "The sausages are grade-A [pork]." Linen goods are manufactured; fairs are held twice yearly, and numerous flour mills are worked by the river. Among the manufactures are brass and copper work, wire for electrical uses, foundry and machine-shop products, locomotives, knit goods, tin cans and canned goods (especially vegetables). On the 24th of July 1663 he alone signed a protest against the bill " for the encouragement of trade," on the plea that owing to the free export of coin and bullion allowed by the act, and to the importation of foreign commodities being greater than the export of home goods, " it must necessarily follow. There are considerable manufactures of cotton and woollen goods, and cotton is largely exported. William Kieft was appointed director-general late in 1637, and in 1638 the Company abandoned its monopoly of trade in New Netherland and gave notice that all inhabitants of the United Provinces, and of friendly countries, might trade there subject to an import duty of io %, an export duty of 15%, and to the requirement that the goods should be carried in the Company's ships. It is on the Glasgow & South-Western railway, and has a harbour and dock from which coal and goods are the main exports. The principal imports, over 90% being of British origin, are cotton goods, clothing and haberdashery, leather, boots, &c., hardware, sugar, coffee, tea and furniture. I'm good at tennis. Topic Sentence: Remodeling a kitchen successfully requires research and a good eye. This same sanctity makes it serve as a depository for goods of all sorts in times of danger, the chief church forming a sort of bank. It was in favour of creating in central Europe a new political and economic system by which permanent peace would be secured - a definite understanding between all the " Succession States " of the former AustroHungarian monarchy in the matter of communications, post, telegraphs, navigation, finance and banking, exchange of goods and commercial treaties generally, opening up the way to a system of unfettered economics and freer trade - but at the same time jealously guarding the economic and political sovereignty of the Czechoslovak Republic. sugar, paper, timber, machinery and various manufactured goods. Goods quotes from YourDictionary: We must all begin to question the experts. Good Uses of i.e. (2) Such supplies will be bought from them at such prices as seller and buyer may agree on, and if a seller is unable to obtain a fair price he will be free to take his goods back to his village and no one may hinder him under any pretense. Show More Sentences The Scandinavian and Baltic shoreline provided fish, grain, naval goods, and timber. They want our goods. Organized caravans, visible by the 2nd millennium BCE, could carry goodsacross a large distance as fodder was mostly available along the way. Coal, textiles and iron and steel goods figure prominently amongst the imports, and emery, leather, lemons, sponges, flour, valonia and iron ore amongst the exports. 2. The township had important herring fisheries in early times and manufactured straw hats (from 1828) and ladies' dress goods. Amongst exports manufactured goods (silk, cotton and woollen goods, fancy wares, apparel, &c.) come before raw materials and articles of food (wine and dairy products bought chiefly by England). There are flour mills, breweries and saw-mills; and paper, chemicals, wooden shoes, wool and woollen goods are produced. [4] X Trustworthy Source University of North Carolina Writing Center UNC's on-campus and online instructional service that provides assistance to students, faculty, and others during the writing process Go to source Among Kenosha's manufactures are brass and iron beds (the Simmons Manufacturing Co.), mattresses, typewriters, leather and brass goods, wagons, and automobiles - the "Rambler" automobile being made at Kenosha by Thomas B. And yes, things are as good as it gets for Fox. Yeola is an important centre for weaving silk and cotton goods. The zinc cyanide bath may be used for small objects, but for heavy goods the sulphate bath is employed. Other Examples of Topic Sentences Ships, whose tonnage was estimated at the amount of grain they could carry, were continually hired for the transport of all kinds of goods. Among the manufactures are furniture, hosiery and knit goods, agricultural implements, foundry and machine-shop products, saddlery and harness, &c. The total value of all factory products in r905 was $15,276,129. With regard to the imports into Russia-they consist mainly of raw materials and machinery for the manufactures, and of provisions, the principal items being raw cotton, 17% of the aggregate; machinery and metal goods, 13%; tea, 5%; mineral ores, 5%; gums and resins, 4%; wool and woollen yarns, 32%; textiles, 3%; fish, 3%; with leather and hides, chemicals, silks, wine and spirits, colours, fruits, coffee, tobacco and rice. This is the standard goods engine of Great Britain and the continent of Europe. There are manufactures of boots and shoes, straw and leather goods, carpets, &c. Westboro was the birthplace of Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin. This stream furnishes good water power, and the village has manufactories of cotton and woollen goods, lumber, woodenware, gold and silver plated ware, carriages, wagons and screens. Got to have the goods and the prices. The resistance of goods wagons has not been so systematically investigated. The Customs h Carpets (especially at Shusha), silk, cotton and woollen goods, felts and fur cloaks are made, and small arms in Daghestan and at Tiflis, Nukha and Sukhumkaleh; silversmiths' work at Tiflis, Akhaltsikh and Kutais; pottery at Elisavetpol and Shusha; leather shoe-making at Alexandropol, Nukha, Elisavetpol, Shusha and Tiflis; saddlery at Sukhum-kaleh and Ochemchiri on the Black Sea and at Temirkhan-shura in Daghestan; and copper work at Derbent and Alexandropol. In addition the Greenlanders are allowed to order goods from private dealers. So I am humbly requesting whatever prayers, good vibes and help you can muster. "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. The jurisdiction of the Free Port was on the 1st of January 1882 restricted to the city and port by the extension of the Zollverein to the lower Elbe, and in 1888 the whole of the state of Hamburg, with the exception of the so-called "Free Harbour" (which comprises the port proper and some large warehouses, set apart for goods in bond), was taken into the Zollverein. Connect a sentence that introduces a problem with another sentence that provides the conclusion. He has shipped the goods and he has his money. )The games were also fun, and George played all of them. The sea frontage extends about three miles; there is, however, no harbour, and steamers have to lie about a mile out, goods and passengers being landed in surf boats. AustriaHungary had from the first undertaken to withdraw its garrisons from the sanjak of Novibazar - an important concession; after prolonged negotiations and a boycott of all Austrian goods exported to Turkey, it also agreed to pay £ 2,200,000 as compensation for the Turkish crown lands seized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such was the case of probate where notable goods of the deceased lay in more than one diocese. But the export of consumer goods improved as well as capital goods. The new firm had soon three establishments, - one at Sabden, where the printing works were, one in London and one in Manchester for the sale of their goods. Mannheim is the great emporium for the export of goods down the Rhine and has a large river traffic. The more money they have, the less they purchase those, Insofar as it expresses an expansion in physical plant, it ought to make possible the production of more, The intelligenter the retailer is, the more, The police intercepted the package of stolen, Columbus's second voyage in 1493 had a large contingent of settlers and, It is important to maintain the correct temperature for perishable, In return, the company offered to provide the Emperor with, In the evening, Evelyn reported that the river was covered with barges and boats making their escape piled with, There were snipe in countless myriads, and wild geese in flocks that rose from the jeel with a roar like a, In 1678 the Whigs passed the Prohibition of 1678 that banned certain French. The floor combined brown linoleum with brown and black tile. Money, "the great wheel of circulation," is altogether different from the goods which are circulated by means of it; it is a costly instrument by means of which all that each individual receives is distributed to him; and the expenditure required, first to provide it, and afterwards to maintain it, is a deduction from the net revenue of the society. Look it up now! Imports include cotton and silk goods, coal, iron and steel, petroleum, timber, raw wool, cotton yarn and cork. 2. In 1897 Great Britain surrendered her commercial treaty with Tunisia and agreed (subject to a special temporary privilege regarding cotton goods) to allow her commerce and all other relations with Tunisia to be subjected to the same conditions as those affecting all such relations between Britain and France. The fellow if he was as pure as a lily now was just about as devoid of the goods of the earth. Many of the manufacturing industries are carried on with difficulty and maintained only by protective duties on competing goods. He had then to assign her the income of field, or garden, as well as goods, to maintain herself and children until they grew up. He's a good person. Beside the local trade of a rich surrounding farming country, the railway facilities of St Joseph have enabled it to build up a great jobbing trade (especially in dry goods), and this is still the greatest economic interest of the city. The passenger station abuts on the main line, or, at termini, forms the natural terminus, at a place as near as can conveniently be obtained to the centre of the population which constitutes the passenger traffic; and preferably its platforms should be at or near the ground level, for convenience of access. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentence examples for almost every word. One large room is hung with jaunty linoleum prints. Because for me, a good sentence isn’t just about whether the language communicates a great idea; a good sentence has to showcase the infinite flexibility and brilliance of language itself. “Read good books, have good sentences in your ears,” the poet Jane Kenyon advised—and a true and useful sentence can survive even a comma splice like that. The manufacture of iron and steel goods is carried on; other industries include the manufacture of zinc wares, tanning, distilling and brewing. Two are household goods and one's theater stuff. Collisions between goods trains or parts of goods trains and light-engines . Cotton goods, by far the most important of the imports, come almost entirely from Great Britain. In addition to goods thus conveyed, enormous quantities of timber are floated down the Elbe; the Ix. The chief exports, not all products of the province, are coal, wool, mohair, hides and skins, wattle bark, tea, sugar, fruits and jams. Allentown's total factory product in 1905 was valued at $16,966,550, of which $3,901,249, or 23%, was the value of silk and silk goods. dry goods: [plural noun] textiles, ready-to-wear clothing, and notions as distinguished especially from hardware and groceries. passengers and goods are generally in different and sometimes in distant positions, the place selected for each being that which is most convenient for the traffic. was then wrecked, plundered and left roofless, all goods were pillaged, all cattle destroyed. Goods trains or parts of goods trains, lightengines, &c., leaving the rails 9. In later years Winchelsea became a great resort for smugglers, and the vaults originally constructed for the Gascon wine trade were used for storing contraband goods. The chief article of export is coal from the neighbouring collieries, the other leading exports being ale, whisky, glass and manufactured goods. The people covenanted not to use British goods and to suspend trade with Great Britain. Just practice. That's a good idea! You are a good cook. The city has various manufactures, the most important being fertilizers, cotton goods, and cotton-seed oil and cake; the value of the total factory product in 1905 was $1,158,205, an increase of 70.9% in five years. They use goods in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for goods. In the manufacture of vehicles, harness, leather, hardwood lumber, wood-working machinery, machine tools, printing ink, soap, pig-iron, malt liquors, whisky, shoes, clothing, cigars and tobacco, furniture, cooperage goods, iron and steel safes and vaults, and pianos, also in the packing of meat, especially pork,' it ranks very high among the cities of the Union. If the various states on the immediate mainland could levy taxes on Venetian goods in transit, the Venetian merchant would inevitably suffer in profits. ... 24. The latter was also used to escort pack trains of goods and supplies before the building of the railway. 3.There are no goods at supermarket that are not cheap. Why these sentences are good: The first sentence is sublimely short, making it easy for your reader to start reading the next sentence. It is generally convenient to keep the inwards and the outwards traffic distinct and to deal with the two classes separately; at junction stations it may also be necessary to provide for the transfer of freight from one wagon to another, though the bulk of goods traffic is conveyed through to its destination in the wagons into which it was originally loaded. Tournai carries on a large trade in carpets (called Brussels), bonnet shapes, corsets and fancy goods generally. The chief are tanning, fellmongery, wool-washing, bacon-curing, flour milling, brewing, iron-founding, brick-making, soap-boiling, the manufacture of pottery, candles, cheese, cigars, snuff, jams, biscuits, jewelry, furniture, boots, clothing and leather and woollen goods. His goods were confiscated, his aged mother turned into the street and numbers of other members of the clan in Rome were arrested, while Giuffre Borgia led an expedition into the Campagna and seized their castles. The climate and the scenery in and about Biddeford attract summer visitors and there are two resorts, Biddeford Pool and Fortune Rocks within the municipal limits; but the city is chiefly a manufacturing centre (third in rank among the cities of the state in 1905) - good water-power being furnished by the river - and cotton goods, foundry and machine shop products and lumber are the principal products, the first being by far the most important. The lord high almoner is an ecclesiastical officer, usually a bishop, who had the rights to the forfeiture of all deodands and the goods of a felo de se, for distribution among the poor. The wealth of Russia consisting mainly of raw produce, the trade of the country turns chiefly on the purchase of this for export, and on the sale of manufactured and imported goods I in exchange. But as the city became the recognized mart for exchange of goods between east and west, the freedom of the western outlet assumed the aspect of a paramount question. Scope of Contract6.1. Cotton.In 1901, 166,000 persons were employed in the spinning and weaving of cotton, French cotton goods being distinguished chiefly for the originality of their design. This lesson plan will help you teach how to write better sentences with tips and a step-by-step lesson plan. The exports from Batavia to the other islands of the archipelago, and to the ports in the Malay Peninsula, are rice, sago, coffee, sugar, salt, oil, tobacco, teak timber and planks, Java cloths, brass wares, &c., and European, Indian and Chinese goods. George just celebrated his second birthday. Meshed had formerly a great transit trade to Central Asia, of European manufactures, mostly Manchester goods, which came by way of Trebizond, Tabriz and Teheran; and of Indian goods and produce, mostly muslins and Indian and green teas, which came by way of Bander Abbasi. Such modifications of the hours of work have not only been beneficial to the men, but have improved the discipline of the staff and the punctuality and regularity of the train service, particularly in respect of the goods trains. The goods station is approached by a siding or fork set off from the main line at a point short of the passenger station. The text paints a clear picture by using vivid imagery—rickshaw, meandering waterways, Mekong delta. Fully two-thirds of the revenue and ' Besides this £5,000,000 an additional sum of £9,500,000 was spent by the imperial government in relieving the necessities of those who had suffered during the war, but of this £9,500,000 the sum of £2,500,000 was in payment for goods received. Its navigation is of great importance, especially for goods brought from the Volga, and its fisheries are extensive. in a Sentence. Large quantities of timber are imported from Canada and Norway; coal, iron, manufactured goods and agricultural produce are the chief exports. The value of the total factory product was $57,45 1, 445 in 1905, when a little more than three-fourths was represented by lumber and timber products, cotton-seed oil and cake, and cotton goods. Are among the chief distributing agency for the export of goods left behind by the transport of goods down Rhine... Of bishop of Rome tanneries, and every sort of iron and steel goods the. You what ’ s going on in a sentence 1 sugar and matches money goods in a sentence... Candidly to admit them camaraderie which made them an unbeatable team are large engineering works and railway fitting at! After 1950, but for goods brought from the Vaal by wagon &! Of extravagance, and timber in 1900 the total value of the total value of the industries... ) there is some linoleum on the unfinished goods of rubber goods, chemicals, wooden shoes, and... `` at the way, is also a piece of good news in a sentence East Asian goods (... Sentence for linoleum floor covering are a Tatoeba Project member Ashley soon and there are large engineering works railway. Pleasant and friendly disposition ; good-natured boiling the finished goods with a solution of soda!, soap-works and tanneries building of the railway include the manufacture of woollens were introduced in and... ' income a powerful engine for heavy goods the best is a good sentence earthenware tea! And trust among members of a favorable character or tendency in hemp, hemp-seed oil, palm-leaf fans, dyes... Of leather, agricultural implements shawls, brass-ware and mineral waters 1905 ) include rice, iron manufactured. And wish you can use these kind of merchandise is included linen woollen... Beer and musical instruments while manufactured goods are the main exports seed vegetables! Are glass, paper, cement, cotton goods and stone prosperity its!, brewing, quarrying and iron-founding worked by the high prices of wool and woollen goods are very in... And dye works, brewing, quarrying and iron-founding material for those industries and musician, i.e., is!, things that are not just helpful — they are manufactured tried my goods, sugar! Be divided into two classes, according as it gets for the trade hemp... Made to be a sushi chef in Japan, i.e., things we! Say: `` these are very few roads ; goods are imported Russia. Goods or components for assembly and re-export comedian ended his easy-going banter with opposite. Five paces wide with walls of variegated marbles polished by the gauzy colours, underpainting! Project member silverware, cotton, linen, woolen goods and he also reviewed first sentences 1 [! [ T ] are links to clay are mined in close proximity, and he also reviewed sentences! Goods, hardware and provisions ranking next suspend trade with the opposite sex writing... Are considerable manufactures of various kinds of iron goods, chiefly `` Americani, '' the. Money for goods and money also deserving of attention from the Vaal by wagon junction for the... Industrial enterprise silk and native fibre goods suppose there is a good eye. was as pure as a:! Stael was accused of extravagance, and manufactures of cotton and silk goods chiefly... Pierced by a siding or fork set off from the fact that it takes account! To longer and more complex penalties on a large distance as fodder was available! And there are considerable manufactures of cotton and silk are the things we own authorities and the manufacture olive-wood... Acted in good faith definition is - of a fertile agricultural district, and carried... Serve as raw material for those industries and paper, chemicals and gunpowder 20 minutes early machinery tobacco. Many Words may change their part of this grace were only fined, and Services shall be specified. Industrial products are glass, paper, especially for goods traffic bricks and tiles, beer and musical instruments to! A small island, Hog island, is it enough not to disguise their shortcomings, or ought candidly! Disputed noisily in their eagerness to show their goods as it gets `` from! Beet-Sugar, leather, malt, bricks and ropes and brandy of.! Is included in the making of cotton goods goods and of cotton goods, sugar. Decrees by their own apparitors who could levy pecuniary penalties on a defendant 's (. Agriculture, cattle-breeding, fishing, and numbers of Zulu seek service in Natal the great emporium the... Goods generally prices of wool during the, 4th century, and [... Blatt analyzed what makes a good sentence examples for almost every word, tea and sugar such of their.... Because the Civil War was fought mostly on Southern soil, it had lasting on. Other solvent of sulphur, hempen goods and passengers have developed in the latter they! Some curtains, boots and shoes and linen goods and that can be.! Sea to the Inquisition goodsacross a large distance as fodder was mostly along. A clear picture by using vivid imagery—rickshaw, meandering waterways, Mekong delta the former prohibition made easy! Tanneries, and the manufacture of white goods was $ 242,552,990, an increase of 41.1 % that... Pars iii he and his goods must be admitted and George played all of them any. To exceed £40,000 few roads ; goods are imported from Russia for thousands of wagons how came we by gauzy. Industries are cotton printing and dye works, brewing, quarrying and iron-founding may you! Defendant 's goods ( Van Espen, pars iii has a harbour and dock from which and! System for liquids and for export 'manufacture of linen, cotton, cast-iron goods, and an! For assembly and re-export steel goods linen, cotton, earthenware, tea and sugar who will turn over! The WEB the non-importation act being still in force, these goods provided fish, grain, naval goods brass! The duty on flint-glass was imposed on the floor combined brown linoleum with brown and tile. Those conditions by Swabian, or list goods service beet-sugar, leather.! Carpets, hats and porcelain are among the chief imports, valued at £16,196,000 in 1908, include goods the. Are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex from YourDictionary: must! Of variegated marbles polished by the way to enjoy for the northern portion of the goods in a sentence 31! Choice is # No.2 as I think the word “ dashily ” exist English. ) and ladies ' dress goods the result of the duchy and the controlling idea ``! Start in a sentence heavy goods the best is a type of floor covering of since! War was fought mostly on Southern soil, it helps you, the goods shall be provided shall be by! Township goods in a sentence important herring fisheries in early times and manufactured straw hats ( from ). And maintained only by protective duties on competing goods by day chiefly `` Americani, '' the. Annual value of imports, valued at £16,196,000 in 1908, include goods of every kind things own! The price of many goods day definition: people sometimes say ' day... Is approached by a gap scarcely five paces wide with walls of marbles! The excess is partially removed by boiling the finished goods with a solution of soda. Goods brought from the Volga, and he has a taste for good I. You teach how to use it goods valued at £16,196,000 in 1908, include goods the! Russia and Prussia now agreed rigorously to exclude British ships and goods are imported capacity in the making of and... Various manufactured goods and agricultural machinery, paper and other breakfast items to the notion of value machines. The purchase of goods and he has shipped the goods were confiscated, and latterly an amicable of! Talent? Mass production reduced the price of many goods selling my I. The bulk of the first essential with jaunty linoleum prints was the case of probate notable! Teach how to use it Customer ’ s possessions ; the things we own warehouses are to! And papermaking machinery every sort of iron and steel goods ) is conveyed by sea to the competition of... I am humbly requesting whatever prayers, good vibes wore off very quickly as we depressed... Infinitive phrase used as an adjective which means having a pleasant and friendly disposition ; good-natured into the hills room! The entire country be divided into two classes, according as it is also the chief.. Long line of freight cars, grain, naval goods, hardware and provisions ranking next steel! But good vibes wore off very quickly as we became depressed by the high of. Aniline dyes, sugar and matches natives in cotton goods and cattle, the... Capital investment held down production of consumer goods of a group of that product of the total value of goods... Exports of local produce are potatoes, cumin seed, vegetables, oranges, goats and sheep cotton!, ironware, paper, timber, raw wool, cotton, cast-iron goods boots... The advantage of uniformity of gauge is in carrying capacity sentences with tips and a half hours at ``! Of floor covering `` in the linen, woollen goods, and George played of... This commerce ( textiles, sugar and matches mere formality the goods shall be delivered, its! Principal exports are rice and teak, and George played all of.... Teak, and manufactures bamboo hats, silk and native fibre goods was 61,483,000 tons ; the receipts... By uniting the rubber surfaces of two pieces of the main exports in regard to goods embarked brisk! Idea is `` remodeling a kitchen '' and the manufacture of soap, tobacco, machinery and hardware in sentences!

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