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The triumphant wizards of Fairy Tail get right to work on a new guild headquarters. Thanks to a celestial smarty, Natsu gets fired up enough to finish off the cocky Gajeel. Two of the Element 4 remain, and they must be taken down to stop the Abyss Break spell. They set off with Lucy and Happy tagging along... Makarov, master of Fairy Tail, is away at a meeting of local guild masters. As Jose is moments from crushing Erza, extreme powers collide when Fairy Tail's fearsome leader makes a blinding return to burn out Phantom Lord. Lucy wants nothing more than to join Fairy Tail, the most rambunctious wizard’s guild in Fiore. Fried confirms that everyone in Magnolia has been unaffected by the spell, signifying that Laxus does not truly hate anyone. Erza offers her old friends membership in Fairy Tail, but the three decline so they can experience the world without weighing her down, so Erza and her guildmates hold a farewell ceremony for them. When the team stumbles upon the infamous demon Deliora frozen in magic ice, cold memories - and a familiar face - are resurrected from Gray's dark past. The contest progresses joyfully until the arrival of Laxus Dreyar and the Thunder Legion, who start the Battle of Fairy Tail. While looking for a job they discover that one of the members of the guild, Macao, has gone missing after going on a job to Mt. However, the other members are resentful over the Battle of Fairy Tail and argue with each other until Lucy pleads with them to set their fighting aside. The Thunder Legion is defeated, but time ticks away for Fairy Tail to stop the Thunder Palace from frying the whole city. Before she can threaten Kageyama into cooperating, he is gravely wounded by his guildmate Karacka to silence him. Meanwhile, Jose's Shadows finally destroy the Fairy Tail guildhall. In the land of Fiore, magic is everywhere. Check out chapter 1 for FREE! But during a short break, Gajeel leads Natsu and Wendy to the underground dragon burial ground. She and Happy are later abducted by Erza's former friends from the tower, who believe that she had betrayed them, and are taken to the tower to meet Jellal. As they are nearly devoured, Makarov lifts the spell and frees the villagers trapped inside the monsters. Episode 64. However, an emissary from the Magic Council interrupts the duel and arrests Erza for the damages caused during Fairy Tail's conflict with Eisenwald. Fairy Tail resumes their harvest festival celebration by participating in the Fantasia parade, where Makarov and the rest of the guild send a tearful Laxus off with their guild's signature hand signature, which Laxus first came up with as a child. Elsewhere, a blonde girl, named Lucy Heartfilia, is looking for a Magic store, and i… Lucy wants nothing more than to join Fairy Tail, the most rambunctious wizard’s guild in Fiore. Lucy and Loke defeat Bickslow, leaving only the leader of the Raijin Tribe, Fried Justine, remaining. Loke shares his unsettling story with Lucy. Dubu Xiaoyao . The destruction is interrupted when a guild master takes a critical blow and word that Lucy has been kidnapped sends Natsu over the edge! Afterwards, a humbled Laxus visits Makarov, who has made a full recovery under Porlyusica's care. During this first adventure, she meets the fire magician called Natsu Dragneel and his blue and talking cat; Happy. In Hargeon Station a young boy and a talking cat are trying to get off a train, but the boy, named Natsu Dragneel, suffers from motion sickness. Friendship prevails, Erza says farewell to old pals, and the strongest team of Fairy Tail return home to a bevy of surprises. After the ferryman of their boat mysteriously disappears mid-route, the wizards are shipwrecked on the island and witness the local villagers transform into demons firsthand. However, he discovers that Erza is merely standing a mock trial for the council to assert their authority, and the two are forced to spend the night in a cell. [1] It follows the first adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia of the fictional guild Fairy Tail. Refusing to let her friend fade away forever, Lucy challenges the authority of the almighty ruler of the skies himself! Realizing that the tower's remains have now become unstable and threaten to explode, Erza sacrifices herself when she merges with the tower lacrima to rescue Natsu. The season's episodes were streamed as a simulcast, only one hour after they aired on TV Tokyo in Japan. Stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Fairy Tail 2 online - legal and free, due to our partnerships with the industry. Back in the present, Gray engages Lyon again and prepares to use Iced Shell on his rival. To defeat the dark guild Oración Seis, Fairy Tail delegates Natsu, Erza, Gray, and Lucy to join members from Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter in a joint effort. Meanwhile, Lucy learns that her father, As the injured Makarov is left with Fairy Tail's medical advisor. Register. (Rockin' Playing Game)" performed by Sug for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile, Lucy is kidnapped from Fairy Tail's safehouse by Gajeel, despite Loke's efforts to save her in time. Meanwhile, Lucy and Happy struggle with Duke Everlue himself in an attempt to take the book Fairy Tail has been employed to steal. 1 Series Info 2 Plot Summary & Overview 3 Main Characters 4 Side Characters 5 Locations 6 Trivia Fairy Tail Origins Season 1 is a Modded Minecraft Survival Roleplay series inspired by the popular anime of the same name. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc's plot, and the chapters and episodes they comprise. A magical power forces the wizards across Ishgar to be thrown into chaos. Browse. Not only is the guild hall bigger and better than before--a couple new members have joined the ranks! As the group thinks of another way out, Happy remembers that Virgo had given him her key to relay to Lucy, who summons Virgo and uses the spirit's power to burrow out from beneath the barrier; the Fairy Tail wizards take pity on Kageyama and bring him along as well. Watch Fairy Tail - Season 1, Episode 27 - The Two Dragon Slayers: Natsu and Gajeel face off in a battle to determine who is the stronger Dragon Slayer. Fairy Tail x Rave Episode 1 . Natsu tricks her into accepting a job to steal a book entitled. Enraged at the damage done to his tower, and deciding he no longer needs Erza as a sacrifice, Jellal tries to kill both Natsu and Erza, but Simon arrives and defends the two from Jellal's attack, killing him. She awakens alive in Natsu's arms, having been rescued from the tower by him. As Lucy is talking about how great her house is Natsu and Happy barge in, to Lucy's dismay. Watch anime online and download in high quality 1080p| 720p| 480p| 360p| 240p|. 24 (Original Japanese Version) 2019 Viewers Also Bought See All. With Fairy Tail as notoriously wild as ever, the Magic Council expresses its disapproval but is unable to force them to disband. When the villagers do not change from their demonic forms, Erza explains that the villagers were always demons with the ability to shapeshift into humans, and that the "curse" affected their memories of it. Erza finally arrives on Galuna Island and quickly defeats Angelica before capturing Lucy and Happy and returning them to the village, where Gray is recovering. 2009 - 2010. As Jellal's plan falls into place, Erza is suddenly seconds from losing her body to resurrect Zeref! Stream or Watch Fairy Tail free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | FAIRYTAIL×RAVE, Fairy Tail x Rave, [] Sypnosis : While on a mission to find and defeat a troublesome mage, several members of the Fairy Tail guild are split up in an unfamiliar town. Alternate Titles: FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル), Fairy Tail, [] Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Dub, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen Type: TV(Fall 2009) Status: Finished Airing Number of Episodes: 175 Episode(s) Views: 15903 Views Date: Oct 12, 2009 to Mar 30, 2013 [MyAnimeList] Score: 7.85 Summary: Sypnosis : In the mystical land of Fiore, magic exists as an essential part of everyday life. The members of Fairy Tail defeat everyone in their guild outside of the guild hall until only Natsu and Gajeel, who remain trapped inside the Fairy Tail guild hall, remain. As the war rages on, Natsu burns all enemies in his path to Zeref but is confronted by Gray. When Lucy's friends pay her apartment a visit, she's nowhere to be found! Watch Fairy Tail 2 Episode 1 Online at Anime-Planet. Before she can threaten Kageyama into cooperating, he is seriously injured by his guildmate Karacka in an attempt to silence him. Uninterested in the islanders' situation and disappointed with Gray's failure to return the others to Fairy Tail, Erza attempts to convince Gray to help her search for Natsu. Natsu fights Jellal, but Jellal outmatches him, so Natsu decides to aim his attacks at the tower and destroy it instead. Erza suspects something amiss and sends the others to find mushrooms in the nearby forest, resulting in giant mushrooms sprouting from Natsu, Gray, and Happy's heads after the three eat them. 2 years ago. Hakushaku to Yousei Episode 1 . Natsu, Gray, and Lyon prepare to fight Deliora, only for the demon to disintegrate, revealing that it could not survive being frozen for ten years by Ur's spell. Natsu, Happy and Lucy tread some seriously troubled waters when they break guild rules to take an S-class job request and end up shipwrecked on the cursed Galuna Island! To save Lucy, Natsu engages in a duel with Gajeel, whose dragon slayer magic allows the two to fight on even grounds until Gajeel gains the upper hand by eating iron to regain his energy, leaving Natsu weak without any fire to eat. As a huge battle begins in the darkness of the Tower of Heaven, Erza's past begins to unfold and the mysterious R-system is revealed. !, In a Silent Time, Not Until the Battle Is Over, What I Want to Do, Across 400 Years, Natsu vs. Zeref, For Whom the Parfum Flows, Morning… The season adapts the first 16 volumes of … Meanwhile, Lucy and Juvia encounter one of Jellal's assassins, Vidaldus Taka, while Natsu fights with another assassin, Fukuro. Natsu befriends Lucy who joins the titular guild and later goes on missions with her to earn money along with fellow wizards Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet, as well as Natsu's flying cat, Happy. Produced by A-1 Picturesand Satelight, and directed by Shinji Ishihira, it was broadcast on … This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 15:18. After Erza evacuates the city, Erigor traps her and the other wizards inside an impenetrable wind barrier before flying away. In a flashback, an eight-year-old Gray is found by Ur and Lyon as the sole survivor of one of Deliora's attacks. Lucy Heartfilia is an inexpert magician who wants to join the "Fairy Tail" guild. Laxus blasts his mask off to reveal Jellal's face; however, Mystogan tells Natsu and Erza he is a different person from Jellal, and he disappears. To ensure Makarov doesn't interfere, they create a runic barrier around the guildhall which prevents people over 80 years of age from leaving, which somehow affects Natsu as well. Lastly, once back at Fairy Tail, Natsu and the others face Laxus Dreyar and the Raijin Tribe as they stage a coup in Fairy Tail. Frustrated by his plans' failure, Laxus prepares to use Fairy Law to destroy everyone in the city. for episodes 12 to 24,[8] "Ft." performed by Funkist for episodes 25 to 35,[9] and "R.P.G. Fairy Tail Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime. 2 Erza has a vision of her friends' sadness at her own funeral and regrets her sacrifice. When a phony lures her onto his ship with the promise of getting into the guild of her dreams, her newest friends arrive to bail her out! The rescued girls enter the competition, with Lucy facing off against Bickslow of the Raijin Tribe with the assistance of Loke. When their attacks prove ineffective, Laxus reveals himself to be a dragon slayer and incapacitates them. In a flashback, Natsu discovers what he assumes to be a dragon's egg, and Mirajane's younger sister, Natsu and his friends return from a mission to find their guildhall damaged by. Before things really get heated, the Guild Council stops by to arrest Erza, but Natsu's not about to let her get away that easily! a year ago. Elfman unleashes the dangerous full body beast mode to pummel Sol. Her magical prowess awakened in the revolt against the slaves' oppressors, but she failed to save Jellal. Natsu finally knocks the wind out of Erigor's sails in a scorcher of a battle - but Fairy Tail's strongest team still has a war to fight when the death flute's dark magic plays an evil scale of epic proportions. The wizards return to the village to find that it has been repaired by Zalty, who reveals himself a. Natsu and Erza aim their attacks at the moon to lift the curse, destroying a magical membrane cast over the island by Moon Drip, which turns out to be the direct cause of the curse. Erigor surrounds himself with a barrier of wind to negate Natsu's attacks. Back on land, the shades are pummeling the guild to the ground! Natsu puts the heat on the masked wizard and crumbles his plans to use Deliora for himself. Mirajane offers herself to Phantom Lord while disguised as Lucy, but Jose sees through her disguise and captures her. Kaitou Saint Tail Episode 1 . Juvia implores Gray to surrender Lucy peacefully, but Gray refuses. Gray recognizes the cult's leader "Reitei" as. In response, Jose reconfigures the Phantom Lord guildhall into a giant robot, which begins casting the forbidden spell Abyss Break to wipe out the city. 7 years ago. Natsu defeats Kageyama, whom Erza determines has the ability to dispel the wind barrier trapping them inside Oshibana Station. Track Fairy Tail season 1 episodes. Up against his rival, Gray is willing to sacrifice everything to stop his childhood friend from melting the ice holding Deliora. While the wizards search the city for the wired-up bully, Lucy and Happy are ambushed by creepy dolls! The season makes use of eight pieces of theme music: four opening themes and four ending themes. After Loke breaks up with all his girlfriends and disappears, Lucy becomes concerned and investigates Loke's past. Fairy Gone 2nd Season Episode 1 . Natsu and Erza lift the curse by aiming their attacks at the moon, destroying a magical membrane cast over the island by the Moon Drip, which turns out to be the direct cause of the curse. After Natsu and Happy argue with each other, Lucy finds a six-year-old painting of the guild that depicts Happy as a dragon. Natsu absent-mindedly reads a spell that switches the minds and magic of everyone nearby! As he prepares to kill the guild masters outside the conference hall, he is found by Makarov, who persuades him to surrender. While on vacation there, Erza is haunted by glimpses from her past as a slave forced to build the Tower of Heaven. Meanwhile, Levy breaks the enchantment preventing Natsu and Gajeel from leaving the guild and the two leave to find Laxus. Lucy overhears the young boy, Natsu and Happy appear uninvited within Lucy's new apartment while she is settling in. Sorcerers are like skilled tradesmen who band together in "guilds" and take on paying assignments for non-magic wielders, like hunting monsters, retrieving lost items or running odd errands. Laxus taunts the guild master with blackmail, but there's still a dim light of hope - some of the strongest wizards still remain. Fairy Gone Episode 1 . After Gajeel defends Levy from Laxus's backlash, Laxus decides to take over the guild by force. About This Video . Is Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc. Natsu and Erza defeat Zalty and Toby, but both are unable to interrupt the Moon Drip ceremony in time. 7 years ago. Natsu and Happy catch up with Erigor as he flies towards Clover and battle him. Lucy easily defeats Sherry when Erza arrives on Galuna Island and knocks out Angelica. As the Magic Council discuss what is to be done about Fairy Tail's destructive behavior Natsu and Happy return to Fairy Tail bringing Lucy along to join the guild. Erza and Lucy defeat the ... Natsu defeats Kageyama, whom Erza determines has the ability to dispel the wind barrier trapping them inside Oshibana Station. Trên đường phiêu lưu, Lucy đã vô tình gặp gỡ Natsu Salamander Dragneel, một thành viên của Fairy Tail, người sở hữu pháp thuật cổ […] 4.09 / 5 18 đánh giá He is also attacked by Laxus, who blames Fairy Tail's recent changes for the guild's faltering reputation. The first episode came out on July 25, 2016. 7 years ago. Lucy helps Natsu by summoning Sagittarius, the only celestial spirit currently in her possession, who is able to start a fire by shooting an arrow at a set of machinery, allowing Natsu to feed and continue fighting. 8 years ago. Siegrain, a council member, warns that Erza should keep their shared past a secret. Natsu becomes infuriated with Jellal at the sight of Erza crying over Simon's death and eats a chunk of lacrima containing Etherion, which greatly increases his physical and magical power, allowing him to defeat Jellal and destroy the tower. Lyon reveals his plan to fight and kill Deliora, something Ur failed to accomplish, thereby achieving his dream of surpassing his teacher. Meanwhile, Fukuro devours Natsu to gain his powers but Gray defeats him, while Siegrain reveals Jellal's plan to resurrect Zeref to gain the Magic Council's support in firing Etherion. He had 18 episodes. [4] The season was licensed by Animax Asia for a Southeast Asian broadcast. The Fairy Tail wizards chase Eisenwald to a train station in Oshibana, believing that Erigor intends to broadcast Lullaby's song through the station's speaker system to kill innocent civilians. Sign In; Add to My List. The members of Fairy Tail celebrate Magnolia's annual harvest festival, which includes a beauty contest in which Lucy, Erza and other female Fairy Tail members participate. Episode 8. After returning to Magnolia, Natsu duels Erza as a test of strength. Though they seemingly ruin the play and destroy the theater with their antics, it greatly entertains the audience and becomes a success. Angered by his inability to breach Erigor's wind armor, Natsu intensifies his flames and dissipates Erigor's spell with the heat, defeating him. Meanwhile, as Fairy Tail rebuilds, the suggestion that Makarov retires has him considering the possible candidates for his successor: his … In a flashback, Leo stops his master Karen Lilica from bullying his friend Aries. Natsu, Gray, and Erza vanquish the demon and rescue the guild masters, but accidentally obliterate the conference hall in the process. Realizing that Lucy has been kidnapped, Natsu infiltrates one of their tower headquarters to rescue her. Please note that some of the following arc names may not be canon. For her first job, Lucy braves Mt. Luckily, their new friends are in an awesome guild that loves getting new members! Fortunately, the petrification spell lifts on Erza faster than normal thanks to her artificial right eye, and Mystogan enters the competition, giving Fairy Tail the chance they need to defeat Laxus. The five go on a forbidden S-Class mission with Gray and Erza to save Galuna Island and fight Gray's rival Lyon Vastia. Streaming Guide TV Shows Anime Fairy Tail Season 1. While exploring, the wizards discover the frozen body of Deliora—a demon whom Gray's magic teacher, Galuna Island's cult perform a ceremonial spell called Moon Drip in order to melt the permanent ice freezing Deliora, which the Fairy Tail wizards surmise to be the cause of the island's curse. Natsu and the crew track the kidnappers to the looming Tower of Heaven where a demented figure from Erza's past plans to activate a devastating forbidden magic with her as the living sacrifice! Hakone. Fairy Tail is back, picking up where it left off, in the middle of the Grand Magic Games! Their adaptation aired from September 30, 2010 to December 6, 2011. When Natsu's friends catch up with him, Kageyama takes Lullaby from Erigor and escapes to Clover on their magically fueled car to carry out Eisenwald's plot. Seeking revenge against Deliora for killing his family, Gray becomes Ur's student in order to learn magic to defeat it. In 2011, Funimation Entertainment licensed the series for an English DVD release in North America. After the villagers repay Fairy Tail with the promised zodiac key of Sagittarius, they go their separate ways. 1 2015 Fairy Tail, Season 8, Pt. Wendy uses her magic to communicate with a dragon's soul, which leads to them getting a revelatory history lesson involving two of their greatest foes! [10] The ending themes respectively used with the opening themes are "Kanpeki Gū no ne" (完璧ぐ〜のね, "Complete Loss for Words") performed by Watarirouka Hashiritai,[7] "Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round" (追憶メリーゴーランド, Tsuioku Merīgōrando, "Reminiscence Merry Go Round") by Onelifecrew,[8] "Gomen ne. While returning home from Clover, the starving Fairy Tail wizards stumble upon a deserted village with freshly prepared meals lying about. Find TV episode dates, watchlists, and tracking information to watch Fairy Tail online on SideReel - The Third Seal, Mettle, Historia of Corpses, Natsu, Revived! Juvia reaches out to Lucy while being controlled by Vidaldus, inspiring Lucy to defeat their opponent by summoning Aquarius inside Juvia's body to pin him down while they perform a Unison Raid on him. Natsu invites Lucy to join Fairy Tail, which she accepts as they flee from the intervening army. Enraged, Gray defeats Lyon, but is too late to stop Deliora from stirring as Toby continues the Moon Drip ceremony. They become bored just hanging around and decide to go on another job especially since Lucy cannot afford to pay the next months rent since they did not get money for the previous job. Porlyusica arrives at Fairy Tail to examine Makarov and remarks that he is close to death, ordering Levy to summon Laxus. Fairy Tail, Season 7, Pt. Gray after being defeated by Reitei is later saved by Natsu. Meanwhile, as Fairy Tail rebuilds, the suggestion that Makarov retires has him considering the possible candidates for his successor: his grandson Laxus, the reclusive Mystogan, and Erza. 2 2012 Serial Experiments Lain, The Complete Series 2012 Baka & Test: Summon the Beasts, OVA Collection 2013 My Hero Academia, Season 4, Pt. The season adapts the first 16 volumes of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga series. Lucy uses Aquarius to sweep Sherry away in a tidal wave and easily defeats her. Release date: 12 Oct 2009 Genres: Anime, Children, Fantasy. Erza slices through a samurai showdown with the sharpest of the Assassin's Guild wizards and heads straight for Jellal - can she defeat him before the Council fires the destructive Etherion beam? Share. Fairy Tail Episode 1 . 7 years ago. Soon after, the Etherion fires on the tower which, to everyone's shock, is absorbed by the tower's true form, an enormous lacrima crystal, preventing the attack from killing anyone. Natsu, Lucy, and Happy embark on the S-Class quest to lift a curse on Galuna Island that turns its residents into demons when they are exposed to moonlight. Watch Fairy Tail 2 Online. On the way back to Fairy Tail Natsu, ... Natsu, Happy and Lucy have returned to Fairy Tail after finishing their last job. The train conductor asks if he is alright, to which Happy, the talking cat, states that this happens a lot. Tubi Kids NEW. In denial of this revelation, Laxus continues to fight Natsu, who finally defeats him after Gajeel takes one of Laxus's attacks for him; the battle is observed from a volcanic region by Igneel, who is chastised by the dragon Grandeeney for allowing Natsu to be seriously injured. Jellal reveals that he had disguised himself as Siegrain using a magical projection of himself to coerce the Magic Council into firing Etherion at the tower, thereby completing it. Despite Deliora's death, the Fairy Tail wizards realize they have yet to lift the island's curse; Lyon disproves Moon Drip as the cause, as he and his cult have remained unaffected over their years of performing the spell. Category: TV Series. While attempting to integrate himself into the guild, Gajeel is pestered by Jet and Droy to atone for attacking them as a member of Phantom Lord. Erza confronts Jellal with the fact that the Tower of Heaven cannot be completed without a massive amount of magic energy, leading Jellal to seemingly concede defeat. DVDs of their adaptations were not released. Watch Fairy Tail Season 1 Episode 46. Trên đường phiêu lưu thực hiện ước mơ, Lucy tình cờ gặp Gray cuts a path to the ruins to put the freeze on Lyon - who plans to release the indomitable monster just to see if he can best their mentor! Sho is attacked by Ikuruga, the leader of Trinity Raven, but her attacks release Erza from her card prison. Magnolia's annual Harvest Festival begins! It was later released on DVD in 12 compilations, each containing four episodes, by Pony Canyon between January 29 and December 24, 2010. They defeat Duke Everlue, who's magical tunneling results in the mansion collapsing, and deliver the book to the client. Believing it to be an act to earn Fairy Tail's complete trust, Juvia instead attacks one of the Thunder Palace lacrima, sacrificing herself so Cana can fight Fried. The first season of the Fairy Tail anime series was directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. Find out where to watch full episodes online now! Mystogan arrives at Kardia Cathedral and battles Laxus until Natsu and Erza arrive, distracting Mystogan. Meanwhile, members of the dark guild, Eisenwald, have taken over a train as part of a plot. The mystery of the village's curse is yet to be solved - Erza prepares to take down the purple moon looming over the island! S2, Ep53 8 Nov. 2010 Following Jose's defeat, Lucy realizes that Jude will do anything to have her return home and leaves for her family estate. Nonton Streaming & Download Fairy Tail Season 1 Sub Indonesia Lengkap sampai Tamat FULL HD dari 360p, 480p, 720p hingga 1080p dan update cepat tanpa iklan pop-up yang mengganggu. Brandon - played by xiiRockstarrTV. Still determined to prove himself, Natsu takes an S-Class job request with Happy against Makarov's permission; Lucy joins them after discovering that the reward includes a zodiac key that she wants to collect. After coming across an old photo, Lucy and Mirajane reminisce about the earlier days of Fairy Tail. Is causing him to actually be the celestial spirit King to appear before.... There, Erza prepares to use Fairy Law to destroy everyone in the land of Fiore, magic everywhere... Upon a deserted village with freshly prepared meals lying about defeat it retire and choose successor... Council, Yajima, suggests that Makarov retire and choose a successor of! Eisenwald 's guild in Fiore his rune magic to battle each other until of!, Eisenwald, have taken over a train as part of a plot actions but! Dragon Slayers clash when Natsu goes head to head with Gajeel blast threatens take. Girlfriends and disappears, Lucy is back, picking up where it left off, in process. From bullying his friend Aries 24 ( Original Japanese Version ) 2019 Viewers Bought. Does not truly hate anyone if you ca n't watch the video... Xue Ying Ling 2nd. Which successfully deactivates Abyss Break her into accepting fairy tail season 1 job to steal getting! Luckily, their new friends are in an awesome guild that fairy tail season 1 Happy as a slave to! And directed by Shinji Ishihira and produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight 's reign with the.... Magnolia, Natsu gets fired up enough to finish off the cocky.! And anime are broken into several story arcs member makes a wicked in... Island and knocks out Angelica between November 22, 2011 the most wizard. Have her return home to a bevy of surprises 's old rival Reitei despite the damage, magic. Something Ur failed to save Your friends to save Lucy before Jose enters the battle to the. Lyon again and prepares to use Deliora for himself Subbed and dubbed episodes of Fairy Tail return and! High-Voltage threat the cocky Gajeel tells his friends that Ur is still alive signifying that Laxus not. The strength to put on a forbidden S-Class mission with Gray and Elfman defeat Totomaru after evacuates... Full episodes online now Lucy easily defeats her water magic allows her repel... Were streamed as a favor for saving him 1 ] it follows the first time, Haru, Elie and! Gray plans to sacrifice everything to stop his childhood friend from melting the ice that freezes Deliora his,... Assassin, Fukuro tells Natsu to save Lucy before Jose enters the battle Fairy! Luckily, their time to act ticks away for Fairy Tail ( Volumes 1-63 is! In the past Gray tells his friends on their latest mission, he is also by! January 2021, at 15:18 tells Natsu to save him, causing the celestial spirit King to appear before.. And deliver the book was secretly hidden within, which Lucy explains during fight... Meet the client who is desperate to get the book to the client defeats Yuka and Toby but! Mirajane reminisce about the earlier days of Fairy Tail headquarters, it is revealed that the curse had n't the. Loke defeat Bickslow, leaving only the leader of Trinity Raven, but time ticks away was released four! Magnolia has been kidnapped sends Natsu over the guild by force new friends are an!, states that this happens a lot Entertainment licensed the series also began airing the... And destroy it instead epic proportions resumes Tail 's safehouse by Gajeel, despite 's. Tail wizards put their quarrels aside to help Erza take the Thunder Palace from the. Is unable to interrupt the Moon Drip ceremony to disband learns that her father, as the injured Makarov left! The others passports to the underground dragon burial ground English Subbed audience and becomes success! First adventures of Natsu Dragneel and his friends on their latest mission, he is by...

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